Desertification Cookbook Field Site/Edible Landscape, Pueblo Colorado, Phase One

The Desertification Cookbook - In Progress....

The Desertification Cookbook visually re-brands the concept of deserts not as a post-apocalyptic growth of wasteland, but as a culinary and ecological opportunity. As desertification spreads, desert ArtLAB says: Don’t panic… Eat. The diverse spectrum of flora and fauna found in healthy desert regions around the world has been a source of food, medicine, intoxicants and mythology dating back to a pre-agricultural era. This knowledge is becoming increasingly vital as 40 percent of global population live in expanding dryland regions. The cookbook will examine strategies for living based on the limits of our environment. The project will also pilot an ecological installation in an urban desert community which will serve as open site to cultivate desert foods as well as  to demonstrate the resilience of indigenous arid land ecologies and communities.

This on going project has received a 2016 Creative Capital Award